Walk around the MARcourt DESIGNEYE Daikanyama #03



At the front door of the MARCourt DESIGNEYE Daikanyama

We’re introducing our fall styles at the MARCourt DESIGNEYE Daikanyama store. This beautiful ivy-covered store carries a mix of men's and women's collections.  

Along with mizuiro ind, MidiUmi, and MIDIUMISOLID, an assortment of domestic and international brands are available at this store.

Here we show our oversized long shirt with a pullover specifically designed to layer over this shirt. Pair with our pin-stripe pant to create an innovative traditional style. The felted cap completes the traditional flavor.




Signs of autumn

Fall color - beige x off-white for classical and relaxed style. The mizuiro ind iconic oversized semi-long shirt is fashioned in fall material and can be a great replacement for your fall coat. Add small accessories to enhance the style.



On the urban stairs

Black and gray creates a cool and stylish mood in the city. At our Daikanyama store we offer a variety of black-based coordinates. Our floor staff will be happy to advise you on coordinating your favorite styles.


Mother's Industry