Go shopping at mizuiro ind Aoyama #02



Have you ever been to the mizuiro ind Aoyama store before? 

It’s just steps away from Aoyama Street. Here we introduce the store display and some of our season's coordinates. 

This striped long shirt is a great and useful item at the beginning of the fall season. The Mao collar (band collar), which is often used in menswear, creates a sophisticated look paired with the wide pants.




Antique glass window

This unique glass window is made from a variety of antique windowpanes – one of a kind. 

For this season we offer tonal coordinates such as beige x beige for classic and casual style.  Add some color – a cardigan in blue-green, a bag in yellow, a red shoe, or a black leather belt to heighten the modern look. 




Hanging Ladders

When you step into the store, you see a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling, the display counter showcase with small accessories, and a beautiful carved panel armoire wardrobe, which are all antique and imported from overseas.

This sophisticated flare long shirt dress offers a classic and feminine look.  Pair with the long cardigan to dress down the style. 


Mother's Industry